The Battle of the Brands

The Battle of the Brands

Your Website SEO Strategy in Melbourne is still really about keywords, but there certainly is one matter that some agencies face when they attempt to optimise for specific Keywords.

A Pay Per Click or AdWords campaign will help you learn about which keywords operate well in your niche and boost your Website SEO Strategy. I remember I think I devoted about a year obsessing about one particular keyword that, no matter what I did, I could not get on the first page of Google. The reason was simple; it was a word that comes under the classification of a ‘Branded’ keyword, and Google even with all your SEO efforts will certainly never rank a non-branded site in front of the branded sites.

For example, if you sell Yamaha Pianos in a store in Melbourne, it would be fantastic if for anyone that searches for ‘Yamaha’ in Melbourne your site will show up but it most likely won’t. Potentially if they search for ‘Yamaha pianos’ you still may not show up. Why? Because Google will generally reserve the ‘Yamaha’ search ranking result for Yamaha the brand themselves and not some retailer of that brand. Yamaha is a world renowned brand name and for Google to put anything other than at No1 would be a real step back for a search engine. This is what I mean by branded sites.

However, I understood the magic of long tail keywords. Once I found out that I could control all sorts of long tail searches it was easy to shift my focus and enhance my Website SEO Strategy. Once I had re-directed my method the visits to my websites enhanced massively. So take it from me, living life in the long tail is very rewarding. Keep in mind – Your Website SEO Strategy is about making money, not where you show up in a Google search.

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